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„For sale! Including 500 violent stonethrowing psyko punks from Hell“ – the sarcastic message from the controversial squat Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. After seven years of political discussions and court proceedings the activists were evicted from their house, popularly known as Jagtvej 69, on March 1 2007. The film takes a balanced look behind the barricades and follows the squatters during the final year before all was demolished and riots broke out in Copenhagen. The four directors, who were the only outsiders allowed access to Jagtvej 69, bring us close to some of the core activists and document their thoughts in dealing with the imminent threat to their continued existence.

Dauer: 80:00 | Größe: 1200 MB | Sprache: Englisch & deutsche Untertitel | Format: Xvid | Uploader: Igelbauer

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Download: hier |

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