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Litmatch Productions have released this great and well edited documentary video which showcase a handful of well known internet & non-internet based Honda enthusiasts and their love for import car life. A look into the lives of true Honda enthusiasts. These tuners became part of a culture which steered away from body kits, large rims, and other cosmetic accessories and focused more on clean Japanese styling and serious performance. They give us a look inside their passioin and the many areas of the Honda tuning scene. Video includes project cars, jdm style, the internet’s influence on the scene, road racing, and the growing problem of automotive theft. Featuring many well-known tuners including members of the infamous Southern California group FFSquad and the editors of both c16 Magazine (Former Editor Rodney Wills) and Super Street Magazine (Jonathan Wong). A real look at people who took lived and experienced a culture which made its way from the underground to the mainstream. A few featured kats are Chris1.6, JDM wong, Tony Jackson, Katman, Lee Randle, Chad, TMR Rodney, NWP – Edick & Andy freeman, Kyle Johnson aka KJ and his Seattle clic. 110% independent.

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Download: hier |

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