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In 1968, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago was beset by protests in the streets. The Vietnam War had the nation divided, and several youth leaders — including Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and other activists/dirty goddamn hippies (depending on which side of the argument you were on) — organized public protests against the war, against capitalism, against what they saw as America’s failings. 8 of the leaders — some of whom, like Hoffman and Rubin, were central organizers, and some of whom, like Black Panther Bobby Seale, were not — were charged with inciting to riot and brought to trial in Chicago. The film incorporates you-are-there newsreel and found footage; more strikingly — and, bluntly, less successfully — it also uses motion-capture based computer generated animation to recreate scenes from the trial, with various name actors recreating court testimony.
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