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As soon as the news of Michael Jackson’s death was released the rumour mill went into overdrive. Within hours there were as many theories about the circumstances surrounding his death as there were about his extraordinary and bizarre life. Jacques Perreti investigates the story behind the countdown to the death of a superstar – from the announcement of his spectacular comeback concerts to his death, just months later, in LA. Peretti speaks to a number of key witnesses to offer a unique insight into the last four months of Jackson’s life. Publically everything seemed to be on track – Jackson was passionately enthused and determined to impress his legions of fans – performing the music they so wanted to hear, one last time. But could he really deliver? What was the truth behind the scenes? Peretti gives us an extraordinary insight into the chronology of his demise as Jackson spiralled into despair. In March this year, amid fanfare and hype, the fifty-year-old Jackson announced a series of 50 concerts at the O2 Arena in London. Fans spent thousands buying tickets, and overwhelmed ticket sellers. But even at this stage bets were being taken by bookies speculating that the concerts would never happen at all. For AEG, the promoter, it was an extraordinary business opportunity. It was billed to be a huge spectacular, but it would be performed by a man touching 50 who hadn’t toured live in years, and who is said to have had a serious problem with prescription drugs. The pressure on Jackson to deliver was immense – not just for his loyal fans, but also to satisfy his spiralling debts. As preparations in London were underway, and Jackson began rehearsing, there was continued speculation in the press – talk of live animals on stage; 3D spectacular graphics, illusionists and a stage show to rival his dream world at Neverland. But behind the scenes, concerns were growing and the first scheduled shows were postponed. Was it a disaster waiting to happen? Jacques Perretti talks to insiders in London and LA to find out what really happened. Eine Wirklich Intresante Doku über die letzten Tage im Leben von Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson’s Last Days: What Really Happened
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