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This is the story of a unique football team. In recent years, albinos have been murdered in Tanzania, some as young as six months old, while others have been attacked with machetes and their limbs cut off while alive. Their body parts are used by witchdoctors in potions and remedies, and are sold for thousands of dollars, since they are believed to bring wealth and success in business. Albino United tells the story of a Tanzanian football team made up of albinos, a group of young men with the ambition to prove to the country that they are able to take part in everyday society, and more importantly, play football. Recently accepted into the Tanzanian 3rd Division, their journey will take them to the heart of the dangerous albino killing zones, playing in front of crowds, getting to see the World Cup, and even meeting Didier Drogba. But above all, this is an opportunity to show to huge crowds that attitudes towards people with albinism must change and the killings must stop.

True Stories – Albino United
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