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In the far northeastern corner of the United States lies a vast primeval back-country known as the North Maine Woods. This breathtaking wilderness constitutes the single largest swath of unprotected forest north of the Mississippi – and serves as the setting for a century-old way of life that demands the utmost from men and machines who return year after year to reap nature’s bounty. Meet the men of Pelletier Inc., a family with timber in its blood for three generations. Each day, seven brothers and their sons lead their crews deep into the Maine wilderness to claw out a living. They cut roads through the mud and snow, harvest timber with fearsome machines and drag monstrous bundles of wood to waiting trucks which hurtle down unpaved, ice-covered logging routes at breakneck speeds to mills throughout the U.S. and Canada. It’s a brutal and dangerous existence in which a twist of fate, one error in judgment, can yield horrific consequences: mangled equipment, injury, and even death. American Loggers follows this hearty breed, marveling at their stubborn dedication, courage and ingenuity as they tackle the deep forests of northern Maine. We’ll follow the saga of their business and legacy, their hardship and triumph, the simple joys and tribulations that come with doing what they must to preserve their family tradition and survive in a changing world.

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