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From animal petting to sea shanties to balloon buffoonery, being a children’s entertainer seems an almost thankless task. Kids screaming, crying, badgering and demanding constantly whilst performers attempt to maintain their professional cool and pull yet another hankie from their sleeve or fall face down again knowing it’s guaranteed to make a four-year-old laugh. Daisy Asquith wondered who these people are. Was it their life long ambition? And how do they know what the children want? Then those creeping doubts and stereotypical fears stated to rear their ugly heads: don’t you have to be a bit weird to do this sort of thing? Are they all failed adult entertainers? And do they all still live with their mothers? Back home Daisy started to investigate further and soon found all her preconceptions challenged in a world of pirates and pumpkins, comedy handshakes and rabbits in hats. This is a film about what she found.

BBC – Clowns
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