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Explorations, powered by Duracell mainly focuses on daily life, ranging from food to fear to love. It provides interesting information and fact that usually do not come to people’s minds, such as :
* How food changes the chemistry of the brain, affecting one’s mood and ability to achieve. (Mood Food)
* The factors that cause attraction – Body shape, symmetry of a person’s face and movement of a person. (First Impressions)
* How short-term stress can save one’s life, and how long-term stress can be a slow and potential killer. (Stressed)
* The origins of phobia, how people react when they confront their fears head-on. (Primal Fear)

Explorations – S01E06 – Weltraum
Download: hier |
Download: hier |

Erstellt am 19 November '09, in Englisch, Menschen, Naturwissenschaften.

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