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One in three of us will get cancer some time in life. The common cry at diagnosis is “why me?“. We blame our genes, our environment and our lifestyle, but could we be overlooking another crucial cause? Across the world, a select group of scientists is hunting cancer-causing infections. Startling new evidence is revealing that viruses and bacteria are triggering one of the biggest killers of our time. One in five cancers worldwide is caused by infection. Does this mean we can catch cancer? Featuring world experts, Nobel Laureates and virus hunters on the front line, this is a fast-paced investigation of a provocative idea. Travelling deep into the mysterious cellular world of cancer, it demonstrates how cancer begins and what factors rig the lethal odds of the lottery of cancer. Combining intimate personal stories and intriguing science, this documentary reveals how a hidden trigger, such as a virus, is not a reason to panic. It’s a reason to celebrate.

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