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Robin Williams‘ mind moves at a clip that is still unfathomable. He’s reaching into his late 50’s, and yet with a few bottles of water on stage (far less than he had at his 2002 Broadway show, but I digress) he can go on a series of topics with rapid-fire energy and a clarity that is incredible. His topics range from topical to more philosophical, but not exactly in the George Carlin sense. No, he has some more ‚unique‘ ways of talking about the human condition, such as his closing act about how human beings would go about (or mostly just talk about) creating the male and female sexual organs. Just watching and listening Williams describe in full anatomical detail like it’s interior decorating is some of the funniest and sharpest material of the decade.

Robin Williams: Weapons Of Self Destruction [2009|HDTVRip|CHGRP]
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