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Talhotblond is the kind of story that you would think could only be manufactured in a Hollywood pitch meeting: An internet love triangle that ultimately spirals out of control and results in a brutal murder. It’s a story filled with love, passion, deceit, rage, and violence. You can practically see studio executives foaming at the mouth while the pitchman delivers the goods. The scary thing is that this particular story isn’t fiction. Talhotblond is the terrifyingly true story about the worst that can happen if you develop relationships with strangers on the internet. The documentary, directed by Emmy award winning journalist Barbara Schroeder, was the winner of the Seattle International Film Festival’s Best Documentary Grand Jury Award in 2009. Talhotblond tells the story of a beautiful high school student named Jessi (screen name: Talhotblond) who falls in love with Tommy (screen name: Marinesniper), the young Marine she meets in an online chat room. It’s the perfect fairytale. That is, until Jessi finds out that Tommy is really 47-year-old Thomas Montgomery, an unhappily married man. After this revelation, Jessi seeks both comfort and revenge through 22 year-old Brian Barrett, a co-worker of Montgomery’s. The love triangle cultivates through a series of online discussions between the three. Despite the fact that neither man actually ever meets Jessi, serious jealousy and rage ultimately lead Montgomery to murder Barrett.

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