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10 Episodes captured from UKTV Documentary channel. Ray Mears and fellow presenter Lindsay Cannon 1. Building a makeshift rucksack The survival expert dispenses knowledge on building a makeshift rucksack from natural materials such as nettle string, and advises on navigating in woods2. Lighting fires safely in the wild Ray demonstrates essential skills for survival in the wild, including a reliable method of lighting fires safely and efficiently without the aid of matches or lighter fue 3. Natural first aid treatments The survival expert demonstrates his knowledge of natural first aid treatments, ranging from headache cures to bandages4. How to harvest food from a hedgerow The survival expert demonstrates his skills as he dispenses knowledge on how to harvest free food from a hedgerow, including fungal `chickens‘ and pignuts5. Unknown title Ray makes a sip well, fire-hardens a digging stick, makes a bushman ostrich omelette, goes coke can fishing. Lindsay Cannon looks at caves in the peak district6. How to make woodman’s tea The survival expert demonstrates his skills as he explains how to use the versatile birch tree to make a refreshing sugary drink called woodman’s tea, and Lindsay Cannon enjoys a spot of mud-sliding7. How to light a life-saving fire The survival expert demonstrates how a stick, some moss and a bootlace can be used to light a life-saving fire, while Guy Lindley-Adams revisits his childhood with a walk along south-east England’s chalk cliffs 8. Unknown title He cooks up a feast of freshly caught rabbit, bakes a damper bread, and demonstrates how to filter water to make it drinkable. 9. Building snow holes in the Cairngorms The survival expert builds snow holes in the Cairngorms, while Lindsay Cannon goes sand yachting in Kidwelly 10. Building a woodland shelter The survival expert demonstrates his skills as he builds a woodland shelter complete with natural insulation and a bed made from a pile of twigs, and Lindsay Cannon goes `island bagging‘ off the Scottish coast. Dieses Release enthält alle 10 Folgen à 9min.

Ray Mears‘ Country Tracks
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