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The untold story of how a giant of science was erased from history by the jealous rival who owed him more than most – Isaac Newton. A drama revealing the extraordinary, prolific, bizarre and conflict-riddled life of Robert Hooke, one of the greatest scientists in English history, on the tercentenary of his death. In science, Hooke was a colossus. As Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society he wrote the laws of elasticity (Hooke’s Law), built a radical reflecting telescope and found major new stars, made the first powerful microscope, coined the word cell, wrote the first science best-seller, Micrographia and co-discovered the diffraction of light with Newton, but got no credit. As Chief Surveyor of London he laid the foundations of the new city on the ashes of the old, playing a vital role in designing the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. Scientists now refer to Hooke as the ‚lost Leonardo, yet no one even knows what he looked like. How can such a giant have vanished into history?

Robert Hooke – Victim of Genius
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