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George W. Bush was one of the most openly religious presidents in American history. After his eight-year term of office ended this November, this documentary takes a look at the political future for America’s conservative Christians. The 2008 American presidential election was a defining moment for the religious right. In 2004, “values voters” swept George W. Bush to a decisive re-election but, in 2008, they had no candidate to back from either party who is both theologically and politically conservative. God Bless America examines whether the religious right’s power has declined to the point that neither party takes them seriously. It asks whether that power has simply become diffused because of changes in leadership, demographics and strategy and questions for whom conservative evangelicals voted on November 4th. Will they hibernate during the current election, only to emerge with renewed strength two or four years from now? The religious right has changed American politics, but politics has now changed them. Can the evangelicals hold onto their moral absolutes and still participate in the current political arena?

God Bless America
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