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In 1988, photojournalist Alberto Venzago traveled to the West African country of Benin for the first time. He visited, by chance, a Voodoo cloister, where a High Priest called Mahounon consulted the oracle on his behalf. Mahounon told him things about his past he had absolutely no way of knowing. Venzago was fascinated. Mahounon became Alberto´s guide on a 12-year journey through the darkest corners of the Voodoo world. This journey he captured on film. Based on his experience in Benin, Alberto Venzago decided not to make a cultural documentary in the traditional sense. „With a subject like Voodo, there is no documentary approach“, he explains. Instead the film evokes the filmmaker’s experience using highly innovative photography, editing, music and sound design in an experimental way. Mahounon, sensing his death, searches for his successor as High Priest in the cloister. Children are brought to the cloister to be tested for „the gift“, the ability to convey the wishes of the gods. When none of the children is found to be suitable, the oracles lead the way to twelve year-old Gounon. His mother is not prepared to give up her child, so he is kidnapped to become a Voodoo novice. Under Mahounon´s guidance and protection, Gounon is prepared for his life as a Voodoo priest. He is initiated to different rites and ceremonies, involving blood sacrifice, oracles and ecstatic dances as a way to achieve spiritual knowledge. Mahounon’s premonition was fulfilled. He died during the final year of shooting. It was a terrible blow to Gounon, who lost his „family“ for a second time. Having completed his education on his own, Gounon is finally accepted as the true successor of Mahounon. He is greeted by the Voodoo honoraries from all over Benin and sumptuously ordained as a High Priest at the age of 17.

Voodoo – Mounted by the Gods
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