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When the first Red Bull King of the Air went airborne in 1999, kiteboarding was known to only alucky few. The sport was in its infancy and was barely crawling. Equipment was still evolving, riding styles were changing on a daily basis and no one was really sure where the sport was headed. But one thing was for sure, soaring 30+ feet in the air felt good and the sensation drove kiters onto the water day after day. Today Kiteboarding has thousand of participants around the worl, a solid backing industry, two world tours, and for the last seven years a competition wich determined who the best kiter in the world was. UPWIND tells the story of how the sport begann with insights from its originators, including Robby Naish, Pete Cabrinha, MArcus „Flash“ Austin, Cory Roesler, Lou Wainman, Elliot Leboe, Adoam Koch, and Don Montague, current progressive kiters such as Ruben Lenten, Susi Mai and Aaron Hadlow; and the new crop of up-and-coming kiting kids who are taking the results of the spirt’s pioneers and bringing kiteboarding to levels previously unimaginable.

UPWIND The Launch of Kiteboarding
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