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This film tells the story of the aircraft used by the RAF during the period of the cold war. Featuring the Hunter, Canberra, the V bombers, Valiant, Victor and Vulcan, the Lightning, Buccaneer, Phantom, Harrier and Nimrod. A welcome feature during the film is the recollections of pilots who flew the aircraft, these give interesting insights into what it was like to fly during the tensions of the period. A little worrying though are the errors in the commentary from the huge error of stating the Hunter had two engines to the statement that the Victors were retired in 1991 when they flew until 1993 and the declaration that the Buccaneer was supersonic at sea level, the Buccaneer was one of the fastest and most stable aircraft at low level but it wasn`t supersonic. All in all an interesting film, at one hour twenty minutes it is a little long but it does cover it`s subjects well although many of the sections contain parts which appear in other films.

Cold War Jets of the Royal Air Force
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