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Wearing fur is chirpy chef Merrilees Parker’s „guilty pleasure . . . it does feel amazing,“ she burbles. But she doesn’t feel so bubbly by the end of this grim documentary after her harrowing journey examining the revitalised fur trade. Not so long ago, thanks to the antics of animal activists, fur was a reviled accessory and no-one who valued their reputation would be seen dead in it. But the resurgence in fur’s popularity has been remarkable. As a fur fan, Parker sets out to see whether she’s prepared to kill, skin then wear it. She visits a successful fur farm in Denmark (they’re banned in Britain) and is impressed by the quick dispatch of its mink. But on her return home, Parker is reduced to tears by secretly filmed footage of foxes driven mad by confinement to tiny cages at a US fur farm. As we went to press, Channel 4 was still deciding whether to show these images in the final edit. Even if they don’t, this is still very strong stuff.

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