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This series involves eight novices of various ages and backgrounds who are trained up as traders and given real money to invest. As luck would have it, the show was filmed last summer during the most volatile stock-market activity in years, so for the newcomers it’s like taking their first sailing lesson on the day of a hurricane. The programme gets across the psychological pressures of the job brilliantly. „The biggest battle is with your own mind,“ reflects Emil, a Toxteth fight promoter who takes to trading like a duck to (stormy) water. Amid the talk of „pairs trades“ and „shorting on the open“, there’s the strong sense that share-juggling with other people’s money is dramatically harder and more stressful than you might imagine.

Million Dollar Traders – E01 – Make Me a Trader.PDTV.XviD
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Million Dollar Traders – E02 – Profit and Loss.PDTV.XviD
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Million Dollar Traders – E03 – Traders.PDTV.XviD
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